Time certainly flashes by. The USDOT Center for Advanced Multimodal Mobility Solutions and Education (CAMMSE), led by UNC Charlotte, has been very active and doing extremely well. CAMMSE is a five-year, multi-campus, multi-million university transportation center funded by USDOT under the FAST ACT. CAMMSE is a consortium of five universities, including UNC Charlotte, University of Texas at Austin, University of Connecticut, Washington State University – Pullman, and Texas Southern University.

Representing the USDOT Center for Advanced Multimodal Mobility Solutions and Education (CAMMSE) lead by UNC Charlotte, Center Director Dr. Wei Fan submitted the third year Annual Performance Indicators Report to USDOT covering the time period of October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019. CAMMSE staff at UNC Charlotte has done a tremendous job in all the following five categories:

  1. Research Capability: UNC Charlotte researchers (including Center Director Dr. Wei Fan and Dr. Yu Wang of Computer Science) have published twenty-three peer-reviewed journal papers, made twenty-seven presentations and published five technical research reports. Research results were published in several high-quality journals (e.g., Accident Analysis and Prevention, ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems, Journal of Transportation Safety & Security, Sustainability, Transportation Research Record – Journal of Transportation Research Board, IEEE Access, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, and Personal and Ubiquitous Computing).
  2. Leadership: Center Director Dr. Wei Fan has been serving as a Handling Editor on the Transportation Research Record Inaugural Editorial Board, an Associate Editor for the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, and International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology. UNC Charlotte researchers also chaired and served on several other professional committees and review panels (e.g., ASCE, NCHRP, NSF, PENC and TRB).
  3. Education and Workforce Development: A total of three existing undergrad courses and four existing graduate courses were taught by our center staff. Eight graduate students were involved with CAMMSE research projects. Drs. Pando, Weggel and Kane successfully held the UNC Charlotte Transportation Summer Camp in the summer of 2019. Materials, structural, geotechnical, environmental, transportation, and general civil engineering topics were presented and hands-on activities and learning modules were offered. Six UNC Charlotte ITE student chapter bi-weekly seminars and twenty-nine UNC Charlotte transportation graduate student weekly seminars were held in the reporting year.
  4. Technology Transfer: Nine invited presentations were made at seven different universities in China. Eighteen presentations were also made at various conferences on different occasions.
  5. Collaboration: Our Center personnel (consisting of Dr. Wei Fan, Dr. Miguel Pando, Dr. David Weggel, Dr. Martin Kane, and Dr. Yu Wang) worked closely as a group. The staff has collaborated with several universities across the country and also abroad, and has successfully built a strong working relationship with North Carolina Turnpike Authority Automated Vehicle Proving Ground, North Carolina A&T State University, and North Carolina State University.