Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Graduate Admissions

Can my application fee be waived?

The fee is charged by the Graduate School and the Department has no discretion in waiving it. The Graduate School provides a limited number of fee waivers to qualified applicants.

Do I need an English proficiency test if my undergraduate degree is from a foreign institution and the instruction was in English?

Yes, the test is still required. The types of tests accepted and the minimum scores can be found on the Graduate School Admissions page.

Can I submit unofficial transcripts first so the review process can start before official transcripts are received?

Yes, the application requires an unofficial transcript. You will need to provide the official transcript if admitted.

Can I submit my unofficial test scores so the review process can start before the official test scores are received?

No, the University needs to receive the official score from the testing provider.

What are the deadlines for the application?

Please see the CEE Graduate Program deadlines here.

International students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to assure adequate time for a visa application. After materials are submitted, it can take several weeks for the application to be reviewed and another several weeks for the visa documentation to be collected. There may also be delays in securing a visa interview appointment and a waiting period for the visa decision, which is not always positive on the first try. For domestic students, it is recommended that the application is submitted at least a month before the beginning of the semester to assure that it is reviewed in time.

Do you have centralized assistantships or do I need to contact individual faculty members?

The department does not have a centralized assistantship pool. Candidates need to contact faculty members in their area of research interest to inquire about a research assistantship.

If admitted, can I defer my admission to another semester?

The Graduate School does not allow admission to be deferred. Reapplication would be necessary, including the application fee. However, all documents can be transferred as long as the test scores are still valid and the references are within one year of being written.