Olya Keen, Ph.D., P.E.

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
EPIC 3171
Personal Website


  • Ph.D., University of Colorado – Boulder, Environmental Engineering, 2012
  • M.S., University of South Florida, Environmental Engineering, 2008
  • B.S., University of South Florida, Civil Engineering, 2008
  • Physical Processes in Environmental Engineering, CEGR 6243
  • Environmental Systems, INES 8102
  • Wastewater Treatment Design, CEGR 4090/5090
  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering, CEGR 3141
Degrees & Professional Registration
  • Engineer in Training, License No. 1100015412
  • Certificate in College Teaching from Graduate Teacher Program at CU Boulder
  • Emerging contaminants (detection, fate, treatment, environmental and human health effects)
  • Advanced wastewater treatment and water reuse
  • UV based technologies (photolysis, advanced oxidation)
Recent Publications
  1. Keen, O.S., Thurman, E.M., Ferrer, I. and Linden, K.G. (2013) Susceptibility of lamotrigine to degradation by hydroxyl radicals, ozone and direct photolysis in UVC range. (in preparation)
  2. Keen, O.S., McKay, G., Mezyk, S.P., Linden, K.G. and Rosario-Ortiz, F. (2013) Identifying the factors that influence the reactivity of effluent organic matter with hydroxyl radicals. Water Research (in press), doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2013.10.049
  3. Keen, O.S. and Linden, K.G. (2013) Degradation of antibacterial activity of antibiotics during UV/H2O2 advanced oxidation and photolysis at wavelengths above 200 nm. Environmental Science and Technology (in press) doi: 10.1021/es402472x
  4. Keen, O.S., Thurman, E.M., Ferrer, I., Dotson, A.D. and Linden, K.G. (2013) Mechanism of dimer formation during UV photolysis of diclofenac. Chemosphere 93, 1948-1956
  5. Keen, O.S. and Linden, K.G. (2013) Re-engineering artificial sweetener: Transforming sucralose residuals in water via advanced oxidation. Environmental Science and Technology, Special Issue honoring Rene Schwartzenbach 47(13), 6799-6805
  6. Keen, O.S., Dotson, A.D. and Linden, K.G. (2013) Evaluation of hydrogen peroxide quenching methods following an advanced oxidation process. ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering 139(1), 137-140
  7. Bell, K.Y., Bandy, J., Beck, S., Keen, O., Kolankowsky, N., Parker, A.M., Linden, K. (2012) Emerging pollutants – Part II: Treatment. Water Environment Research 84(10), 1909-1940
  8. Keen, O.S., Love, N.G. and Linden, K.G. (2012) The role of effluent nitrate in trace organic chemical oxidation during UV disinfection. Water Research 46(16), 5224-5234 ***Best UV Paper of the Year Award by International Ultraviolet Association***
  9. Keen, O.S., Baik, S., Linden, K.G., Aga, D.S. and Love, N.G. (2012) Enhanced biodegradation of carbamazepine after UV/H2O2 advanced oxidation. Environmental Science and Technology 46(11), 6222-6227
  10. Dotson, A.D., Keen, V. S. (O.), and Linden, K.G. (2010) UV/H2O2 treatment of drinking water increases post-chlorination DBP formation. Water Research 44, 3703-3713