ABET Program Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) Program Educational Objectives (PEO) listed below describe the program’s objectives for BSCE graduates three to five years after they have completed the program.

  1. BSCE Program graduates will be progressing successfully in their career and exhibiting leadership qualities.
  2. BSCE Program graduates will be demonstrating integrity and ethical behavior in all professional activities. Graduates will further demonstrate professionalism by nearing/obtaining professional licensure as appropriate for their chosen career, and by actively participating in professional activities.
  3. BSCE Program graduates will be demonstrating their technical ability to solve problems and/or manage engineering solutions from conception through implementation.
  4. BSCE Program graduates will be maintaining and expanding professional competencies and mastering emerging technologies by engaging in lifelong learning that includes graduate studies and professional education.
  5. BSCE Program graduates will strive to incorporate global, societal, economic, and environmental impacts in their professional work, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.
  6. BSCE graduates will be committed to continued engagement and support of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and seek opportunities to mentor future engineers.
  7. BSCE Program graduates will be engaging and collaborating with the communities in which they live and work.