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Aviation Initiative - First in Flight


The initiative seeks to propel North Carolina's vitality through workforce development, economic growth, social mobility, and transformative research by leveraging UNC Charlotte’s relationships and collaborations with Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Carolinas Aviation Museum, airline industry partners and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Accomplishments to date: Implementation partner for the first-in-the-nation sinusoidal joint for concrete taxiways, over 300 alumni from aviation related coursework, three on site seminars and more.

Future goals: Establish a formal partnership between UNC Charlotte, Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and Carolinas Aviation Museum (CAM) to create a nationally recognized Aviation Innovation and Research Institute (Charlotte AIR Institute), with teaching, research and outreach facilities at CLT, CAM and UNC Charlotte. 

Draft Mission and Vision:

The mission of the Charlotte AIR Institute is to 

(1) advance innovation, sustainability and resiliency for airports and the aviation industry 

(2) facilitate airport(s) as living laboratories to advance knowledge in all areas of the arts, humanities, sciences and engineering. 

The vision of the Charlotte AIR Institute is to catalyze 

(1) workforce and economic development 

(2) knowledge, discovery and creative works  

(3) social mobility

Learn more at our 3rd Annual Airport Engineering Seminar

"Charlotte AIR" Video

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"Living Lab" Video

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"We Are Go-Getters" Video

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