Institutional Research Analytics Fact Book

Current and previous enrollment and graduation data can be downloaded for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in the University ‘Fact Book’, managed by the UNC Charlotte Office of Institutional Research.

To navigate this site, follow the instructions provided below:

To access the data, you will need to navigate the Office of Institutional Research website in this way:

  1. Access to the University Fact Book
  2. Select the academic year of interest
  3. Select “Part III: Fall Enrollment Data – Academic Programs”
  4. Select “Table III-4: Undergraduate Headcount Enrollment by College, Major, Option, and Degree”

Scroll down to the College of Engineering. Part III, Table III-3a contains enrollment data and Part VII, Table VII-2a contains graduation data.

NOTE: FT and PT stand for fulltime and part-time enrolled students. Graduation data for the current year is posted after the spring commencement ceremony.