Music from the World: A Multi-Disciplinary Student Concert

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On behalf of CEGR 2145 Sophomore Design, it is our great pleasure to invite the College of Engineering to attend our multicultural mini-concert that will be held on November 14th , 2023, in the EPIC atrium, from 2:30-4:00PM.

A big part of engineering is to work together as a team, so that we can not only be successful on the project, but also use the opportunity to forge new relationships and learn about other people/cultures along the way. In our class, we have taken this idea to a whole new level: Last few months we have been spending time learning, listening, practicing, and ultimately, preparing this mini-concert of the rendition of three international songs. This mini-concert is for all to enjoy, while at the same time, showing the power of what working together can accomplish.

This semester’s concert, we have some partners joining the concert: The UNC Charlotte Women’s Chorus “The Charlotteans” (MUPF 1123) and CHNS 1512 – “Prominent Chinese Americans”. A total of eight songs from different languages will be performed at the concert. It will be a great time to relax and celebrate the coming fall festival.

All that being said, we hope you are able to come and listen to what we have to offer! Also, we will be passing out snacks from Asia and Germany!

Special thanks to Dr. Yonling Gorke from OIP and Professor Ginger Wyrick from the Music Department.